Pittsburgh Penguins Penalty Kill

Wow, the Penguins have the #1 penalty kill in hockey.   Just wait until Jordan Staal is back and healthy.  Last year he may have been one of the best, if not the best penalty killer in hockey.

Let’s Go Pens


Your Daily “Jiminism”

(Pinky finger pointed up) “You see this? It’s a feather…you dont even deserve the bird”

Steelers and Ravens on the same side?

What?  Again, what?   The biggest, meanest and most hated rivalry in sports are on the same side?

I can’t believe that Ravens’ players are siding with the Steelers on all these hits, penalties and fines.  And they are right -both teams are getting hosed by the refs.

I never defend the Ravens and hate them, the sad thing is, is that I am one of those defending them.  It has almost created a bond between the Steelers and our hated rivals – Ravens.   

We both are very similar – we like to out hit our opponents.  We like to punish them and make them quit.   There is no secret that Pittsburgh and Baltimore both love to hit hit hit and then pound the ball late in the game and watch their opponents wilt and shy away from contact.   

We both also love to hate each other.  I love hating the Ravens and their fans. But …, oh dont make me say it.  I am almost thinking we (Steelers & Ravens) –  (did I just say we and include the Ravens? ugh) have a mentality of “Us against the world” or “Tough badasses” (Pgh & Bltm) vs. “Little whiney Bitches of the NFL”   

We almost Need to come together with our hated neighbors to the south and unite to keep the NFL great.  What ever happened to “Only the Strong Survive”?    Pittsburgh still has it, Baltimore has it – but the rest of Nancy boys of the NFL want it gone.  Are the other teams that scared of us?   Well, I have seen many QBs, WRs, and RBs quit during the game after taking the abuse of the Steelers D – so maybe they are scared.

But what is next?  Lets move all the games to south during the winter because it is cold and snowy?    First they dont want to get hit hard, next we will eliminate cold games.  Superbowls are only in a warm climates or dome.  So lets MAN up and keep this a man sport.

Go Steelers

Freedom of Religion? Atheist not a religion

Ok, I am sick and tired of hearing about these atheists trying run Christmas out of the country. They say it is their right.

Here we go-  the country was built on “Freedom of Religion”  –  I am all for that, believe in any God you want.  I believe in God, but I dont care what God other people pray to.     

Atheism, is not a religion.  Let’s say that again.  Atheism is NOT a RELIGION!!!!!   It is a lack of belief or lack of Religion.

So when Atheists go and fight saying “Christmas trees need to come down because it is not fare to us Atheists” then too damn bad.   You cant fight and hide behind the constitution and say it is your Religious Freedom.  It is NOT your right-  you are saying you dont have a religion or belief in God- therefore you have no rights on this topic.

The Constitution doesnt state  Freedom of Religion of Lack of Religion does it.

Enough said –  Let’s get out there a fight.    Bring God back into this country

Good Talk

Your Daily “Jiminism”

Ooie Gooie was a Worm …….

Your Daily “Jiminism”

Come back when you can’t so long!

My Daily Jiminisms!

“I haven’t had so much fun since a hog ate my little brother.” … continue reading this entry.

When did USA become a Socialist state?

Why does the US government give money to 47% of Americans? This is one of the reasons we are bankrupt. 10% of people should get some help. Other than that, get a job your lazy pieces of crap.
How about drug testing for those that recieve money from the gov’t.

No cigarettes or drugs or even alcohol if you get money from the govt. Lets also stop sending our money to other countries. How about fixing this country first.

Border Control

How are we allowing Mexican cartels to control parts of the US? We need to start defending this country.

Quick question? Can people come to US legally? oh they can? Then why is it ok to allow these people (criminals) to enter the country and not punish them. Other countries arrest you and some even kill you if you enter their countries illegally. But no, not the US. We want to allow them to come in and get free money from the hard working American people.
Send brochures to Mexico and let them know. You come over illegally – You will be Shot. Shoot a few and they will stop coming. Problem solved

Juan Williams Fired!

Can you believe that Juan was fired. In the past, th white man would be crucified for making any comment about another race. Now a black man fired for giving an honest statement about muslims? What? He is not the only person that is worried when you fly and know their are muslims on the flight. It is our fight or flight defense. Our body tries to let us know of a possible situation and everyone feels this way.
Why is everyone defending Muslims? Why? they do nothing but try to change America. They hate America and the freedoms we have. They believe it is ok to beat women and they believe that if you are not a muslim that you should be dead. Shouldnt that be considered a hate group? Thanks Obama – Keep F%&@ing up this country.

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